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Cheri Kelley Farivar, GAA-RAA, of Touchstone Appraisal, LLC

Providing high quality appraisal services in Chelan and Douglas Counties for 25 years.  

Cheri Kelley Farivar is a General Certified Appraiser, the most comprehensive level of licensing in the nation.  With 25 years of appraisal experience in Chelan and Douglas Counties, Cheri has gained  the expertise necessary to complete appraisals of all types from standard residential mortgage appraisals to complex, multi-faceted appraisal assignments.  

Cheri is also an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), as well achieving the rank of Master's Level, Senior Appraisal Instructor for the Washington Association of Realtors and Bellevue College.  She teaches appraisal classes and related real estate seminars to appraisers and Realtors all over the northwest.

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In addition to standard residential, land and

multi-family appraisals and reviews, we also specialize in the following types of appraisal assignments:

  • Litigation Support Appraisals and Counseling
  • Expert Witness
  • Estate Appraisals
  • Estate Planning Appraisals
  • Pre-Marketing Appraisals
  • Employee Relocation Appraisals
  • PMI-Removal Appraisals

  • We take pride in providing the highest quality appraisal services along with personalized customer service.

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